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Tea, Cakes, Scones and More!

Forget the stress of your day, week or month by stopping by our shop located on High Street Southend-on-Sea SS1 in England. At The Remedy Tea Shop, we offer dozens of different types of teas and an enticing assortment of delectable cakes and scones. We specialize in good tea, good food and good times.

Our Tea Menu

Black Teas (Brewing Time: 3-5 Mins.) - £ 2.80

  • Assam - A deep mahogany infusion and balanced aroma precede its rich and complex multi taste, opening into honey and caramel
  • Darjeeling Blend – First Flush
  • The fresh green and black-brown tea leaves, with occasional grey silver tips, give a golden yellow infusion with a well balanced slightly sweet taste, of ripe apricots
  • Ceylon Sarnia - This tea gives a well-balanced bright reddish infusion
  • Golden Yunnan - China tea from the South-Western Yunnan province boasting a mildly fragrant taste and pale infusion
  • Decaffeinated English Tea – Black loose tea without caffeine

Black Tea Blends (Brewing Time: 3-5 Mins.) - £ 2.80

  • English Breakfast Tea - An intense morning black tea blend with a high content of Assam
  • Russian Caravan - An original blend of teas from Sri Lanka, Darjeeling and China
  • Yorkshire Tea – blend of Assam and African teas, proper strong brew

Scented and Flavoured Black Teas (Brewing Time: 3-5 Mins.) - £ 2.80

  • Earl Grey – Black tea with bergamot flavouring
  • Apple & Mint – Black leaf tea, apple and mint flavour
  • Apple and Cinnamon – black leaf tea, cinnamon, safflower and white apple extract
  • Cherry Rum – Black leaf tea with a cherry and rum flavour
  • Cranberry Carmen – Black leaf tea, pieces of carrots, red berries and safflower flavour
  • Almonds and Cinnamon – Pieces of almonds, cinnamon, orange peels, mandarin with rose and cinnamon flavour
  • Gingerbread Melody – Cinnamon, orange peels, ginger, vanilla pieces and cloves
  • Choco Irish – Black leaf tea, chocolate pieces with a whisky and cream flavour
  • Tropical Fruit – Safflower and papaya, tropical fruit flavour
  • Earl Grey’s Wife – Black leaf tea, pieces of orange, lemon skin, cornflower and flavour from Ceylon
  • Black Cranberry – Candid cranberry, strawberry pieces, acaccia flower with strawberry–kiwi flavour
  • Strawberries Cocktail – Black leaf tea, pieces of dried strawberries

Scented and Flavoured Green Teas (Brewing Time: 2-3 Mins.) - £ 2.80

  • Seven Treasures – Sencha, Greenpowder, Chun Mee, Pai Mu Lah, Pi Lo Chun, candied pineapple, strawberry, sunflower, with light strawberry flavour
  • Pineapple and Ginger – Sencha, candied pineapple and ginger flavour
  • Good Luck – Sencha, strawberry, raspberry, candid pineapple, raisin, rose flower, flavour
  • Green Mint – Sencha with Syrian mint
  • China Jasmine - Brilliant green tea masterly scented with jasmine flowers
  • Strawberry Fields - Sencha with strawberry pieces

Fruit Infusion (Brewing Time: 5-8 Mins.) - £ 2.80

  • Citrus Blend – Apple, raisins, wild roses, dry orange, hibiscus, orange peel, candid pineapple and lemon grass
  • Sweet Pear – Dry peer, dry apple, wild roses, hibiscus, lemongrass with has a liquorice flavour
  • Rose Garden - Apple, hibiscus, wild roses, candid pineapple, rose flower, beetroot, aloes and a sunflower flavour
  • Rum Punch – Apple, cranberries, wild roses, raisin, hibiscus and rum flavour
  • Nuts Pleasure – Apple pieces, hibiscus, wild rose fruits, nuts, coconut pieces, peanut flavour
  • Hawaiian Cocktail – Hibiscus, wild roses, pineapple, orange peel, mango, papaya
  • Love Story - Sultanas, apple, hibiscus, papaya and candid pineapple, banana, dry strawberries, raspberries and elderberry
  • Heavens Garden – Apple, hibiscus, wild roses, blackberries, candied pineapple, cornflower and sunflower
  • Love Story – Apple, lilac flower, hibiscus, raisins, papaya, candied pineapple, strawberries, banana, redcurrant, raspberries, flavouring

Herbal Teas (Brewing Time: 5-8 Mins.) - £ 2.80

  • Camomile Dried Flowers - Camomile tea is used to reduce stress, promote relaxation and restful sleep
  • Orange and Strawberries – Apple, hibiscus, lemon grass, strawberries, orange and mint flavour
  • Ladies Favourite - Orange peel, lemon grass, ginger, licorice, dandelion root, cinnamon, dill, peppermint, yerba mate, angelica root, curacao, cloves, juniper berries, pepper, cardamom
  • Peppermint tea – organic peppermint

Green Teas (Brewing Time: 2-3 Mins.) - £ 2.80

  • China Sencha - Fresh and mild taste suitable for drinking throughout the day
  • Green Powder – Plain and simple natural green tea

White Teas (Brewing Time: 5 Mins.) - £ 2.80

The caffeine is minimal and the amount of antioxidants is very high.

  • White Downy - Hand rolled long leaf tea with pale infusion, mild aroma and refreshing – light sweet taste
  • Strawberry Champagne – Pai Mu Tan with a strawberry aroma

Red Teas (Brewing Time: 3-5 Mins.) - £ 2.80

  • Milk Oolong – semi fermented Oolong Se Chun with milk flavour
  • Pu Erh Earl Grey – Pu Erh tea, mallow flower, bergamot scent

Rooibos (Brewing Time: 5 Mins.) - £ 2.80

Rooibos is a bush, which grows in South Africa. It does not contain caffeine.

  • Rooibos Natural– it is a green fermented and Rooibos tea
  • Rooibos – red bush tea
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